Friday, June 24, 2005

monster in the closet

He always knew there was a monster in the closet.

At nights with the room lights out mommy would kiss him on the cheek and tuck him in, he would wrap the blanket around himself tighter. He would watch her walk out the door, an onimous silhouette in the light of the hallway. As she shut the door behind her, with each second of diminishing light his dread grew. Because he knew the terrible truth.

And his eyes would shift to the other bare wooden door. Peering at it with fearful eyes, he would wait for the monster to break free. Nobody believed him. He tried telling daddy, but daddy laughed. He hated being laughed at. He tried telling mommy, but mommy consoled and hugged and kissed him. But noone believed him.

Yet he knew.

And every night, he watched that bare wooden door, dreading what coiled within. Terrified, he kept his constant vigil till the call sounded for the morning prayer. The mouazzin calling out to the faithful. There, pressing his little hands together tight he would pray feverishly to God that monster never get him. And then, trembling, he would drift off into an uneasy sleep.

In morning mommy would wake him for school. And his eyes would dart nervously to the closet door that remaind shut. His faith reaffirmed in God, he would rise.. keeping his distance from that door. Because he knew.

He grew up, he went to college, he moved out. Years later he came back. Daddy had left them. Cancer they said. But he knew. Walking to his room, he approached the door that tormented his nights. With trembling hands he pulled that door open...

And there it was. The monster he dreaded. The monster he had prayed so vehemently to be protected against. The monster he tried to purge from his life. The monster that had already consumed his life.

The closet.. was full of Emptyness.


  1. Nice! very symbolic. I just woke after a fitful afternoon nap to read this,.. you owe me a cup of coffee.

  2. eemzz8:27 PM

    Deeply touching.. The Ugly One's style=)

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    monster in the closet an amazing piece of work which is so very true

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    bee. one day we'll tell my monster in the (dark) closet story. xx

  5. Men are bastards. :|

  6. Whilst I agree with you wholeheartedly, Fudge, I have to ask..

    What the fuck does this have to do with men being bastards?

  7. Well your story like thing was interesting BUT..but..there can be a lot of point of views..because its not very detailed.Alot of theories will arise my friend :|.I had one such theory and the conclusion was that men are bastards.Its a very long theory. But yeah ..nice story keep writing =)

  8. Machine Gun Fellatio11:51 AM

    Evidently a glimpse into the subconscious desires of the ugly one's needs to explore being in the closet and his hidden desire to live in a closet.

  9. Anonymous11:53 AM


  10. No fudge, the dad wasn't molesting the child. The father is not the monster.

    I think.