Monday, October 24, 2005

a small price to pay

Thirst - that was all I can remember feeling. It's been two days. I think. The closest village is a day away. I think.

The scorching desert sun shines mercilessly - and my crazed wanderings through this sandy, arid wasteland bring me to a dark-skinned bedouin and his camel. The hot blowing sand prickling at my face like a thousand tiny bullets, I point towards the camel.

My new bedoiun friend (for you make friends quickly in the middle of the desert) smiles a toothless smile, and raises up two fingers.

The deal thus sealed without contracts, or even words - I turn away from his gaping grin, and look to the camel again. Stretching out my hand towards it's owner, I clench it into a fist and hold out two fingers to him.

It'll be over soon", I promise myself. I hear the scrape of metal, as he unsheates the blade...