Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"you know we love you very much"

"Oh come on, say it!"

Father looks up from the report he is typing with a touch of impatience, but a smile on his lips - and stares into the pretty eyes of his daughter. She has her mother's eyes, he thinks.

"Just talk into this mic over here, it's really easy."

She continues trying to get her father to comply even though she knows that he doesn't like being disturbed when he is working. But this is important. Mother comes into the room carrying a tray laden with coffee, tea and biscuits.

"Leave your father alone, A - you know better than to interrupt his work."

"It's not going to take any time at all. He just needs to do what I'm asking him to. Please father?" She is looking at him expectantly. He smiles again thinking that she is just as persistent as her mother too! He pushes the laptop aside, and leans forward, taking the little voice recorder from his daughter's hand and clears his throat.

"Okay, all you have to do is say what I told your earlier Father and I promise I'll let you work!"

He looks at her now, rehearsing the words that his daughter wants him to recite in his head - he always was a little reluctant with words like these. Taking a deep breath, he begins

*Click* "I love you my darling little daughter, and I always will" *Click* "There? Happy now?"

She throws him a quick hug and giggles - Mother comes over, offering Father a cup of coffee (he doesn't care for tea that much). The girl hands the recorder over to her Mother

"And now you Mother. The same thing Father just said."

Humoring her indignant daughter, she takes the little recorder and hastily repeats the words too - before handing the little device back.

A turns, clutching the black box in her hand and skips over to the door - when Father calls out "But why do you want to record this darling - you know we love you very much?"

Turning to face her parents, the girl explains very matter-of-factly "Ofcourse I know that, papa - but this is just so I don't forget what your voice sounds like after you die."

Saying this she swings around on her heels, the hem of her frock twirling around her, and skips out , humming a tune to herself - a picture of young innocence.

..and they both sit there in stunned silence as their 5 year old daughter walks out the room.